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Have you ever come up with an idea or suggestion for Macedonia but didn't know who to suggest it to, or how? Now, you do! The Macedonian Suggestion Box lets you announce your suggestion for Macedonia, whether it be for the Macedonian Government or the Macedonian people in and outside of the Republic of Macedonia.

Whether your suggestion is a way out of the name dispute, a way forward for the economy, a suggestion on healthcare or any other suggestion, big or small, you can suggest it here and let others read it, comment on it and rate it!

All appropriate highly rated suggestions, will be forwarded on to relevant Organisations, Institutions and/or Governments. Remember to be as detailed as you can!

Top Rated Suggestions...

Category: Macedonian Cause

It seems so many in the Macedonian Diaspora are actively engaged in arguing with the Greeks over our national identity and related matters.  Rather than channel all this effort for political and other purposes only, I recommend we overseas Macedonian direct our intellect, creativity and energies into assisting the Republic in small but meaningful ways.   In small groups, this can be done. Let me share my...
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Category: Tourism

There is a growing number of  young macedonian tourists visiting Macedonia from the diaspora, and most of these tourists either go straight to Ohrid or stay with their families in various cities accross Macedonia. 

Often, these guys do not get to see much of the country, and even though it is geographically small, they miss a number of great sites and experiences.

The suggestion is to run a contiki-style tour within M...
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Category: Culture and History

This suggestion is based on the idea that Scotland is now implementing (see article below).

I think something like this would be great for Macedonia and particularly great for the Macedonians in the Diaspora who can visit Macedonia and then find out all they can about their family history, all from one place.

More than that, by giving them the chance of finding their roots going back (potentially) centuries, it w...
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